K. Jensen
high quality portrait photography in beatrice, nebraska

If my Fairy God Mother would have come to me four years ago and told me that I was going to grow up to be a professional photographer and entrepreneur, I would have called that lady crazy! No doubt.

In 2016 I had just graduated high school and had began working towards my degree in nursing. Between studying to become a new nurse, working a medication assistant job full-time, and living that average broke college kid life, I had the realization that I wasn't excited about the path I'd chosen for myself. After some inspiration and thought, I bought my first DSLR (a used Canon Rebel) and decided to see if photography was truly for me. Well long story short, and my website might have given this away, it turned out to totally be my thing. I decided to earn the label of "nursing school drop out." (I totally don't feel bad!) I then switched my major to business and marketing, and never looked back! (how cliché is that?) K. Jensen Photography has bloomed over the years into this business and outlet that I love dearly and am over joyed to work on everyday! I'd love for you to join the KJP family and become my newest client! 

Hi, I'm Kristin! 

And right now, I'm probably at Hobby Lobby wearing an oversized sweatshirt with an iced coffee in hand and shopping for seasonal decor for the third time this week. (That I don't need.)

With love,